Professional Pharmacy Performance Award

Sponsored by Professional Pharmacy Personnel, Inc., this award is presented annually to a pharmacist licensed to practice pharmacy in Connecticut who has performed outstanding services to the profession of pharmacy. The recipient does not have to be a CPA member.

Past Recipients

2020 Richard Don
2019 Kejal Amin
2018 Al Viner
2017 Kenneth Wasserman
2016 Cynthia Huge
2015 John Capuano
2014 Ruth Kalish
2013 Rebecca N. Curtin
2012 Ed Schreiner
2011 Jean Keating
2010 Anthony Bartholomeo
2009 John C. Dobbins
2008 Geriann Bradley
2007 John Gadea
2006 Ed Karvosky
2005 Seth Cioffi
2004 Peter Tyczkowski
2003 Leo Roberge
2002 Sheldon Sones
2001 Henry A. Palmer
2000 Thomas Buckley
1999 William S. Katz
1998 Stephen C. Marcham
1997 Stanley Labinger
1996 William Ward