CPA Code of Ethics

To maintain the highest standards of professional conduct in my relationship with patients, fellow practitioners, other health professionals and in the best interest of the public health, I agree to be guided and abide by the following provisions of this Code of Ethics:

Section 1. I WILL hold the health and safety of patients to be of first consideration, I will render to each patient the full measure of my knowledge and ability as an essential health practitioner.

Section 2. I WILL never knowingly condone or engage in the dispensing, promoting or distributing of drugs or medical devices which, in my professional judgment, are not of good quality, do not meet the standards required by law or lack therapeutic value for the patient.

Section 3. I WILL always strive to perfect and increase my professional knowledge, I shall utilize and make available this knowledge as may be required in accordance with my best professional judgment.

Section 4. I WILL observe both the spirit and the letter of the law, uphold the dignity and honor of the profession and accept its ethical principles. I will not engage in any activity that will bring discredit to the profession.

Section 5. I WILL demonstrate a mutual respect for other members of this and allied professions, and will accept the responsibility to expose, without fear, illegal or unethical conduct.

Section 6. I WILL never agree to or participate in, transactions with practitioners of other health professions or any person under which fees are divided or which may cause financial or other exploitation in connection with the rendering of my professional services.

Section 7. I WILL respect the confidential and personal nature of my professional records; except where the best interest of the patient requires or the law demands. I will not disclose such information without proper patient authorization.

Section 8. I WILL NOT agree to practice under the terms or conditions which tend to interfere with or impair the proper exercise of my professional judgment and skill which tend to cause a deterioration of the quality of my service or which require me to consent to unethical conduct.

Section 9. I WILL provide complete and accurate information to patients regarding the nature, cost and value of my professional services.

Section 10. I WILL associate with organizations having as their objectives the betterment of the profession of pharmacy. I will contribute of my time and funds to carry on the work of these organizations.

Section 11. I WILL make every effort to support educational programs for pharmacists and pharmacy students and to provide externship and internship opportunities whenever possible in order to maintain and raise the level of competency of the profession.

© 1977