Pharmacy Technician Certification Training

CPA offers 10 week technician training courses through several Connecticut community colleges. These courses are meant to prepare students to take the PTCB exam which will nationally credential them as a “Certified Pharmacy Technician.”

Call your nearest community college for the latest schedule:

Capital Community College (860) 906-5028
​Housatonic Community College
​(203) 332-5000
Gateway Community College
(203) 285-2302
Manchester Community College
(860) 512-3232
Middlesex Community College
(860) 343-5865
Naugatuck Valley Community College
(203) 596-8711
Northwestern Community College
(860) 738-6418
Norwalk Community College
(203) 857-7080
St. Vincent’s College
(203) 576-5651
Three Rivers Community College
​(860) 885-2339
Tunxis Community College
(860) 773-1453

You do not have to be nationally certified to work as a technician in Connecticut. You do not have to take a prep course to take the PTCB exam. A minimum of some work experience is recommended before you attempt the PTCB exam.

The advantage to passing the PTCB exam is that you will have a higher level of proven knowledge and are recognized by the state as nationally certified. This state recognition allows you (by law) to be a third technician on a shift with a pharmacist. (Normally that ratio is two technicians to one pharmacist.)

To sign up for the next PTCB exam, to order study guides and manuals, or for more information on national certification, please go to: