The mission of the Connecticut Pharmacists Association is to advance the practice and interests of pharmacy in the State of Connecticut.

The Connecticut Pharmacists Association strives to be the primary source of information, education, services, and advocacy for pharmacy professionals in the State of Connecticut.

Issues, Goals, Strategies, and Objectives

  • To improve and promote the best health outcomes for the public
  • To promote education and professional training to keep the standards of practice at their highest level
  • To establish pharmacy scholarships to assist qualified persons in acquiring a pharmacy education
  • To uphold the standards of authority in education, practice of pharmacy and encourage scientific research
  • To promote legislation that will increase the high standards of our professional work
  • To assist the State Commission of Pharmacy
  • To foster and encourage interprofessional relations
  • To cooperate with all other associations having similar aims
  • To provide services to members of the Association