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May 10, 2022

Non-Traditional Doctor of Pharmacy (NTDP) Program Fulfills Need for International Graduates Seeking a PharmD Degree

CPA Board Member Bisni Narayanan, PharmD ’15, MS, full-time pharmacist and mother of two young children needed a flexible schedule to fulfill her PharmD degree, which is why she was attracted to Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

March 1, 2022

Gov. Lamont lays out plan to lower cost of prescription medications

Gov. Ned Lamont wants to lower the cost of prescription drugs, but critics say his plan misses the mark. Pharmacists say people are choosing between food and drugs because some medications are that expensive.

February 22, 2022

Melissa in the Morning: Understanding Narcan

We continue the conversation about the war against fentanyl, but this time we focused on the use of narcan. Immediate Past President of the CT Pharmacists Association, Rob Picone, talked about narcan doses, who needs access to it and explained the Good Samaritan Law.

February 9, 2022

Black History Month: Remembering Hartford’s First Black-Owned Pharmacy

In 1960, the first-Black owned pharmacy inside the City of Hartford opened its doors during a time when there were few Black pharmacists. The Ford James Pharmacy made history in Hartford for years serving the community and supplying medication to those who needed it until 1980. Owning the first Black pharmacy was a benchmark few Black pharmacists achieved inside the…

December 29, 2021

Pharmacists Contend With Omicron Surge and Increased Demand

The Connecticut Pharmacists Association says while pharmacists are working to maintain patient safety, they are dealing with a stressful situation across the board as COVID numbers surge.

December 29, 2021

‘Stressful Across the Board’: Pharmacists Contend With Omicron Surge, Increased Demand

Jason Navallil has worked in pharmacies for the last decade. He has never seen it this busy. “I absolutely feel like I have not left the pharmacy in the last few weeks,” said Navallil, a pharmacist at Nutmeg Pharmacy in New London. The Omicron surge has made for a busy month at the pharmacy. Demand is high right now for…

November 23, 2021

Pharmacies Are not Immune to the Worker Shortage

“I came in Friday around 5:30, 6 o’clock and there was nobody here,” said Norman MacKinnon of Torrington. “My prescription was called in Thursday. I came back Friday and they were closed early. I came yesterday and they said it would be done this morning. They’re doing it now.” Desirae Sarasin said her mother has a broken rod in…

September 22, 2021

UConn Pharmacy Students and Faculty Honored at 2021 Connecticut Pharmacists Association Awards

On September 15, 2021 the Connecticut Pharmacists Association (CPA) held its 145th annual Awards Banquet. Students, faculty and alums from the UConn School of Pharmacy were honored during the ceremony with a wide array of recognitions, awards, and scholarships.

April 5, 2021

Independent Pharmacies Hope to Continue to Administer COVID-19 Vaccine

More and more independent pharmacies are now administering the COVID-19 shot, but this vaccination option isn’t permanent. As the Connecticut Pharmacists Association will tell you, pharmacists are only able to administer this vaccine and inoculate folks younger than 18 right now because of an executive order by Gov. Ned Lamont that they hope becomes permanent.

March 25, 201

Connecticut Pharmacists Want ‘Full Provider’ Status For Vaccine Distribution

Connecticut residents could find it harder to get a flu shot and possibly COVID-19 vaccination from their local pharmacy if a new bill proposed by the state public health committee is approved, according to the Connecticut Pharmacists Association.

Student pharmacists

December 9, 2020

Student pharmacists

December 9, 2020