Fellow of the Connecticut Pharmacists Association

Being recognized as a fellow of the Connecticut Pharmacists Association (CPA) is an honor. It signifies that you have made significant contributions to CPA and to the profession of pharmacy that go far beyond regular pharmacy practice.

The CPA Board of Directors has adopted a set of criteria that CPA members must meet or exceed to be considered eligible to earn the designation of Fellow of the Connecticut Pharmacists Association (FCPA). Selected Fellows will be honored at CPA’s annual meeting, New England Pharmacists Convention.

2022 FCPA Recipients
Lisa Bragaw
Al Domeika
Karen Hoang

2021 FCPA Recipients
Jacqui Murphy
Phil Hritcko
Gillian Kuszewski
Bahar Matusik
Emmett Sullivan

2020 FCPA Recipients
Rob Picone
Lisa DeGennaro
Tom Buckley

2019 FCPA Inaugural Class
Richard Carbray, Jr.
Annik Carrier
Angelo DeFazio
Marghie Giuliano
Cynthia Huge
Daniel Leone
John Parisi
Mary Petruzzi
Marissa Salvo
Peter Tyczkowski


To become eligible as a Fellow in CPA, the candidate must have been a licensed Connecticut pharmacist and an active member of CPA for at least seven years. Membership or activities performed while a student pharmacist are not considered for eligibility. Activities during post- graduate residency training may be included.

Qualified applicants should demonstrate sustained contributions and excellence in pharmacy practice, professional leadership, teaching, professional advocacy and community engagement. FCPA recognition serves as a highly visible way to promote public awareness of pharmacists who have distinguished themselves within CPA and the profession.

If you are interested in nominating a Fellow or personally being recognized as a professional who has met the highest standards in Connecticut pharmacy then please examine the seven categories for fellowship status and complete the application below.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the CPA at (860) 563-4619 or lcapobianco@ctpharmacists.org

Your pharmacist membership in CPA must remain active at the time of nomination and award.

Required Application Materials

  • Completed application including information on each of these categories
    1. Pharmacy Association Membership Leadership and Activities
      • State
      • National
      • Regional
    2. Pharmacy Practice Advancement
      • Pharmacy Practice
      • Pharmacy Education
      • Additional Training or Credentials
    3. Publications and Presentations
      • Author/co-author of Published Article(s)
      • Contributor to a text book or editorial review
      • Invited presentations
    4. Teaching and Mentorship
      • Preceptorship or teaching affiliated with a school of pharmacy
      • Mentorship affiliated with an association, school, or work environment
    5. Community Engagement
      • Activities may include participation in charitable activities, youth sports programs, fund-raising campaigns; local civic or government participation, including elected positions; military positions; etc. Please include dates and any leadership positions held.
    6. Awards and Honors
      • State or National Awards
      • Local or University Awards
    7. Professional Advocacy
      • Activities may include but are not limited to membership in a state or national PAC; serving as a PAC board member; volunteering on a state or national campaign; writing letters to legislators regarding pharmacy issues; meeting with national, state, or local legislators; etc.
  • Curriculum vitae/Resume
  • Letter of nomination (self-nomination is acceptable)
  • Letters of recommendation: minimum of 2; maximum of 3. Letters should address several of the 7 criteria listed above. Letters of recommendation are welcome from member pharmacists, technicians or student pharmacists. Please email letters of recommendation to Lisa Capobianco

All application materials and letters of recommendation should be received electronically by June 30, 2020.



Please list association memberships providing inclusive membership dates, leadership positions held, and noteworthy activities. Include regional chapter activities and leadership positions if appropriate.


Describe pharmacy or academic positions held and associated contributions to the advancement of pharmacy practice or education and innovations within the practice or educational environment. Describe additional training or credentials received related to advanced pharmacy practice.


Provide evidence of contributions to pharmacy knowledge through publications or invited presentations. Evidence presented should be representative of your efforts and not all-inclusive.


Describe activities demonstrating a commitment to education or mentorship. Activities may include involvement with students, residents, or colleagues. Provide dates and approximate number of students/mentees.


The health professions are strongly oriented to providing service to the community. Candidates should demonstrate a commitment to community involvement, advancement of local issues, participation in community service projects, or other activities that enhance the communities in which we live. Activities may include participation in charitable organizations, youth sports programs, fund-raising campaigns for health or non-health related causes, participation in civic organizations, participating in local or regional governance, school boards, holding city or county office, or participation in military reserves or National Guard. Please include dates and any leadership positions in volunteer organizations.


List awards received at the State, National, or Local level. Examples include the Bowl of Hygeia, State or Local Pharmacist of the Year, Teacher of the Year, and Alumnus of the Year. Provide dates and organization bestowing the award.


Activities may include but are not limited to Membership in a state or national PAC, serving as a PAC board member, volunteering on a state or national campaign, writing letters to legislators on behalf of pharmacy issues, or meeting with national, state or local legislators.


Please upload a copy of your CV or resume.


Please upload a copy of your letter of nomination (self-nomination is acceptable).


Please list the names and contact info for the individuals submitting letters of recommendation. Minimum of 2; maximum of 5. Letters should address several of the criteria listed above. Letters of recommendation are welcome from member pharmacists, technicians or student pharmacists. Please have your recommenders email letters of recommendation to Lisa Capobianco at lcapobianco@ctpharmacists.org

Thank you for your application! Please hit "submit" to send your application.