Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award

Sponsored by the Pharmacists Mutual Insurance companies, the award is presented annually to recognize one such person for involvement and dedication to the practice of pharmacy. The goal of the award is to encourage the newer pharmacists to participate in association and community activities. The recipient must be a pharmacist licensed in Connecticut who has practiced 9 years or less, is a member of the CPA, practicing in community, institutional, managed care or consulting pharmacy and who has participated in national or state pharmacy associations, professional programs, and/or community service.

Past Recipients

2022 Matthew Merola
2021 Courtney Genovesi
2020 David Gardner
2019 Ralph Riello III
2018 Christina Polomoff
2017 Colleen Teevan
2016 Nicholas Falco
2015 David Slomski
2014 Marissa Salvo
2013 Jill Loser St. Germain
2012 Jennifer Trespacz
2011 Kristy Daub
2010 Bahar Matuski
2009 Crystal Bissonnette
2008 Karen Hoang
2007 Annik Chamberlin
2006 Susan Milliken
2005 Meghan Wilkosz
2004 Christopher Lopez
2003 Kimberly Walter
2002 Jennifer James
2001 Jane Porter
2000 Michelle Koe Page
1999 Michael Moore & Mary Ryan Norbut
1998 Christopher Weimer
1997 Jennifer R. Stuckman
1996 Debbie Oleinick
1995 Daniel M. Vaughan
1994 Scott Silver
1993 Cynthia Enright
1992 Mary Ann Dolan
1991 Gene and Peggy Memoli
1990 Theresa Drozd
1989 Keven Czarzasty
1988 Jeffrey Messina
1987 Jennifer A. Osowiecki