Bowl of Hygeia

Sponsored by the American Pharmacists Association Foundation and the national Alliance of State of Pharmacy Associations with support from Boehringer Ingelheim. This award is presented annually to a pharmacist with an outstanding record of community service, which, apart from his/her specific identification as a pharmacist, reflects well on the profession of pharmacy. The recipient must be a pharmacist licensed in Connecticut, a member of the Connecticut Pharmacists Association, must be living (the award is not presented posthumously), must not have been a previous recipient and is currently not serving, nor has served within the immediate past two years as an officer of the CPA in other than an ex-officio capacity.

Past Recipients

2021 Jill Fitzgerald
2020 Mark Petruzzi
2019 Philip Hritcko
2018 Marghie Giuliano
2017 Mary Petruzzi
2016 Ernest Mrazik
2015 Sherman R. Gershman 
2014 Philip Bunick 
2013 Greg Hancock 
2012 Scott Wolak 
2011 Harry Egazarian 
2010 Jacqui Murphy 
2009 Peter Tyczkowski 
2008 Thomas Buckley 
2007 Angelo DeFazio 
2006 Jay Palylyk 
2005 Rita Marie Doyle Staino 
2004 Domenic Sammarco 
2003 Robert Tendler 
2002 Judith Cardoni 
2001 Patricia A. Toce 
2000 David G. Sharasheff 
1999 Ernest Flesch 
1998 Ernest Hintz 
1997 Shirley G. Ableman 
1996 Richard T. Carbray, Jr. 
1995 Barbara Toman Ferguson 
1994 Gerald H. Weitzman 
1993 David L. Elkind
1992 Milton Smirnoff
1991 Earle W. Jones
1990 Samuel S. Kalmanowitz
1989 Stephen C. Marcham


1988 Frank R. Seaforth
1987 Philip F. Ranelli 
1986 Robert W. Doyle 
1985 Benjamin N. DeZinno 
1984 William S. Katz 
1983 Stephen Prigodich 
1982 Daniel C. Leone 
1981 Robert P. Fineberg 
1980 Edward C. Liska 
1979 William J. Summa, Jr. 
1978 Donald Irving Cohen 
1977 Henry A. Palmer 
1976 Philip F. Nangle 
1975 Lester H. Ableman 
1974 Constantine Della Pietra 
1973 I. Fred Lear 
1972 Morris H. Hurwitz 
1971 Robert C. Grieb 
1970 Ralph E. Gentile 
1969 Nicholas W. Fenney 
1968 Carmelo Vasquez 
1967 Charles R. Ertelt 
1966 Sydney Leventhal 
1965 Murray Abraham 
1964 Daniel A. Camilliere 
1963 Edmund E. Goodmaster 
1962 Raymond T. McMullen 
1961 Moses W. Doyle 
1960 Nathan H. Hamerman