AMMD Membership

Eligibility: Members of the Academy shall include independent dispensaries, dispensary parent companies, dispensary ownership organizations, etc. that own/maintain/manage medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of Connecticut (whether or not those entities themselves are domiciled in the state).

Academy Membership Fee: Each Member Organization shall pay an annual fee of based upon the number of dispensaries that organization owns/maintains in Connecticut at the following schedule:
1 dispensary (independent): $3,000
2-4 dispensaries: $2,500 per dispensary
5+ dispensaries: $2,200 per dispensary

This membership fee will be utilized to cover expenses and costs related to the management of the Academy, including

  • Individual CPA membership for every staff member of the Member Organization, including owners, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, clerks, office staff, etc. (value of $195 per person)
  • Managerial fees;
  • Fees associated with retaining a contract lobbyist;
  • Occasional sponsorship, marketing, and support investments made on behalf of the Academy.