Pharmacist Mini-Grants

The Connecticut Pharmacists Foundation seeks grants to fund projects and also offers funds to mini-grant proposals submitted by pharmacists. We invest in ideas to promote the profession of pharmacy as a healing medical profession within Connecticut. We strive to find individuals, groups and organization that are interested in providing programs, events, and processes to the public and medical profession that will demonstrate the abilities and knowledge of pharmacists.

Funding Guidelines

Allowable Entities include:

-501c3 public charities or equivalent

-Governmental entities

-Organizations not recognized as a 501©3, if invited by the Foundation

-Individuals that can show the Foundation that the project presented meets the purpose of the Foundation

Non-Allowable Entities include:

-Purely Social organizations

-Political parties or candidates

The Foundation will not provide grants for the following activities:


-Individual Scholarships



-Political candidates

-Special fundraising events

-Sporting events

-Submitting an Application

The Foundation funds only those organizations and programs that meet our established grant criteria and are will to share financial and program audit reports upon request. In order to accurately access an application, applicants are required to pass an Eligibility test. This test determines if there is a match between an applicant’s funding needs and the Foundation’s grant criteria

Step 1

Review the Foundation’s funding guidelines information to determine if you or your organization or program is eligible under our criteria.

Step 2

Determination of Eligibility

You must complete and submit the Grant application (available in the Appendix). All information must be completed. The individual that will be the responsible party to insure that the program will continue to meet the standards of the Foundation and provide required reports during and after the funding process must sign the application.

The application must be provided to the Foundation no less than 30 days prior to the next Foundation Board of Directors meeting (in order to provide distribution of the application to all board members). Only original signature applications will be considered. The responsible person must be available to meet with the board and discuss the proposal if requested.

Results of Determination

The board may vote to approve, disapprove or table the application at the board meeting where application is presented. It is the right of the board to request more information, or investigation the viability of the project before final vote is taken.

The applicant will be notified of the board’s action within 10 business days of the board meeting. If the vote is not taken, the applicant will be notified of a final vote within 10 days of final action.

Please click here to download a grant application.

Please direct any questions concerning this grant application process to the CPA Offices at 860-563-4619. Applications may be mailed to the Foundation offices at 35 Cold Spring Road, Suite 121, Rocky Hill, CT 06067 or emailed to