Pharmacists Concerned for Pharmacists Helpline

24-hour Helpline: (860) 674-7984

This program is a support program for pharmacists, pharmacy students and pharmacy technicians.

Have you or a colleague ever said:

“I can’t get addicted to drugs or alcohol, I know too much about addiction”
“I only use occasionally”
“I have enough willpower to quit”
“I haven’t lost my job”

If so, there may be a problem. Pharmacists Concerned for Pharmacists can offer help!

Our role is one of referral and support, not diagnosis.

Call the number shown below and you will be put in touch with a trained, caring, concerned colleague, many of whom are in recovery themselves, who will offer you the first step toward recovery.

24-hour Helpline: (860) 674-7984
Leave a message and you will be contacted promptly

Sponsored jointly by the Connecticut Pharmacists Association and the Connecticut Society of Health-System Pharmacists.